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TODAY ONLY: 7 Money Rules for Life by Mary Hunt ~ $1.99 on Amazon (Normally $17.99)

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Amazon has a great offer for the e-book 7 Money Rules for Life by Mary Hunt ~ $1.99 today only (Regularly, $17.99).   You don’t need a Kindle to read the e-book.  You can download a FREE app (here) to use on just about any computer or smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows), iTouch or iPad.

Book description for 7 Money Rules for Life

Americans young and old are flunking their finances. A shocking 77% live paycheck to paycheck with no savings. And 43% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. In the face of this bleak financial picture, bestselling author and finance expert Mary Hunt gives readers the keys to get their money under control and get prepared financially for the rest of their lives.

Presented in a conversational style and readable in a weekend, this book offers…practical advice for how to recover from past financial mistakes…basic rules for every financial situation, for every income level, and for every stage of life. Money mastery isn’t really that hard. 7 Money Rules for Life® can help readers change their futures from uncertain to rock-solid with principles they can apply right away.”

Do note that if you plan to get this book at this $1.99 price, you’ll need to grab this deal today.

P.S.  You might also be interested in the recent post about Kindle’s FREE lending library here.


Don’t Have a Kindle?
No worries.  You likely already have a device to read Kindle ebooks in your home.  All you need to do is download one of the following FREE applications for your PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, Android, or Windows Phone.

*Free Kindle for iPhone/iPad/iTouch
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Find more Kindle apps for Mac, Android, and Windows Phone 7, here.

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Congratulations to our Texas Rangers Ticket Winner!

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Congratulations to Carrie H. of Fort Worth! 

She won our Texas Rangers Ticket Giveaway,
sponsored by YP.com Daily Deals.

Thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm!  :)


did you Get A Chance to Get your FREE
$10 Credit from YP (Yellow Pages) Daily DealS?

Don’t Miss out! YP.com Deal of the Day (part of Yellow Pages/ AT&T) is giving away $10 to use towards any of their already deeply discounted daily deals.  They will be launching soon in DFW, so I’m glad to have my $10 credit in my “back pocket,” (I’m hoping that $10 credit just might get me  a free or almost free meal at a great local spot).  Savings on top of savings =  I like this promotion a whole lot!!!  

You can get your $10 OFF Credit when you go here. 


Enjoy and Share!  :)

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Know a College Student? Share These 8 Important Tips to Fight Campus Identity Theft

College students have plenty to juggle when it comes to school, studying, work, and their social life. Fighting identity theft also needs to make the list of priorities: here’s how!

Students Targeted for Identity Theft

According to a 2010 ID fraud survey report, more than 11 million people
became victims of identity theft in 2009. 11 million!! Young adults aged
18-24 took the longest to detect identity theft
and their average loss,
over $1,000, was roughly 5 times more than amounts lost by other age groups.

“Identity thieves don’t care if you’re a struggling student and don’t have a penny
to your name; sometimes all they want is to exploit your clean credit record,”
said David Polino, Better Business Bureau President. “Young adults that
establish good habits for monitoring and detecting fraud are laying a path
that will help create a healthy financial road for the rest of their lives.”

8 Easy Steps to Protect Students’ Identity

If you know a college-bound student, now’s the time to share with them
these eight easy steps to fight identity theft on campus:

1. Skip the School mailbox. These mail drops are not always secure and
can often be easily accessed in a dorm or apartment. To combat sticky fingers
in the mailroom, have sensitive mail sent to a permanent address such as a
parents’ home or a PO Box.

2. Use a lock and key. Important documents should be securely stored—
such as in a filing cabinet with a key. This includes social security card,
passport, bank and credit card statements.

3. Shred personal documents. Proper document destruction can go a
long way to protect yourself from this silent crime and because ID theft is
often committed by people we know, it’s important to guard your sensitive
information. A golden rule is to shred any paper documents that have
personal financial information rather than just toss them out for trash bin
diggers. Credit card offers that come in the mail should also hit the shredder
and not the trash.

4. Say No to Loans. Never loan your credit or debit card to anyone, even
if they are a friend. Also just say no if your friend (no matter how good a
friend) wants you to cosign for a loan or financing for items like a TV.

5. Keep Your Computer & Anti-virus Software Current. Make
sure your computer has up-to-date antivirus and spyware software. Also,
always install any updates and patches to your computer’s operating system,
internet browser, and virus software which help keep your computer safe
from any new ID theft advances.

6. Check Your Card Statements Carefully. Check your credit or
debit card statements closely each month for any suspicious activity. The
sooner you find potential fraud, the less you’ll suffer in the long run.
Don’t wait for “next month” to become three months from now, as a lot of
damage can be done in a short amount of time.

7. Shop Safely & With Trusted Vendors Online. When shopping on
unfamiliar web sites, check the company out first with BBB online (this goes
for Cell Phone web surfing as well). Also, look for the BBB Accredited Business
seal along with other trust seals and click on the seals to confirm that they
are legitimate.

8. Check Your Credit Report Annually (even if you don’t use your
card regularly).
There are 3 credit reporting bureaus and all should be
checked each year (this can be done for FREE!). Set a date, like your birthday
or as the New Year begins and plan to check your credit report for any
suspicious activity or inaccuracies. You can visit www.annualcreditreport.com
to do this for FREE.

The content of this post is adapted from the U.S. Better Business Bureau press
Read the original PR release, here. For more advice on fighting fraud
visit BBB online at www.bbb.org/us/consumer-tips-finance.

We’d love to hear from you on this topic! How are you protecting your family’s ID? Do you have an identity theft story you can share?  How did you go about getting it resolved? Please let us know in the comments section of this post.


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Frugal Link: 5 Rules for Safe Bargain Hunting Online


Online Safety expert, iLookBothWays, recently posted a really helpful list of 5 Tips for Safe Online Bargain Shopping. These safety tips ring true for all internet exploration, so even if you don’t shop/buy over the internet, be sure and ask yourself if you are actively doing these things in your other internet dealings (and resolve to change your internet habits if you are falling short!) 

Below is a quick summary of the 5 tips:

  1. Secure your computer purchase transactions & data with a virus prevention software program (there are several good ones on the market, like Trend Micro Internet Security, McAfee AntiVirus Protection,or Norton Security).  If you haven’t updated your Antivirus software recently, you are at risk for a malicious attack (so be sure to get up-to-date…even if you don’t shop online regularly)!
  2. Make sure you have a secure computer connection and that your computer firewall is turned on and up-to-date. 
  3. Use “strong” Passwords when a password is created for sites.  A strong password is made up of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols (at least 8 characters, more is better).
  4. When searching for sites, make sure that the shopping site is legitimate. Do your research BEFORE giving anyone your credit card or other personal information!
  5. If the merchant is new to you, double check it against review sites like Epinions, BizRate, Better Business Bureau, and The National Fraud Information Center. I would also add a note of caution on auction sites like Ebay, Overstock, etc:  While these can be great places to get bargains, always double check the feedback of the seller to ensure that their feedback is overwhelmingly positive (with a long seller history) before purchasing. 

 If you actively search the internet for the “best” bargains and/or shop online (even if on occasion), please take a moment to read the full post here.



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ALERT: Your Credit Card’s terms and agreement will probably change with new laws this month…

piggybank600If you haven’t yet put you credit cards through the shredder, there is an article you will want to read from the Savvy Consumer Column (Teresa McUsic) of the Fort Worth Star Telegram.  Following is an excerpt:

“Some of the credit card changes recently made into law take effect next week.

But consumer advocates and credit card analysts are warning cardholders to be on their toes right now. Your agreement is likely to change, if it hasn’t already. That applies whether you pay off your balance every month, pay faithfully on a balance or are delinquent.

Interest rates on purchases, cash advances and, in some cases, credit defaults are rising, along with various fees in anticipation of the credit card overhaul law, according to a survey released Thursday by San Francisco-based Consumer Action…

Read everything you get from your credit card company, including billing statements and any other notices. Look for changes in your contract…

Between March and June, cards issued by Bank of America and Citigroup led the pack in boosting interest rates on purchases and cash advances. Chase, US Bank and Capitol One cards now carry penalty rates approaching 30 percent. Late fees are up 9 percent, to an average of $28.19, topping out at $39…

You will have time to opt out of the agreement and not accept the new terms.”

On the upside, these new laws require that consumers under age 21 must obtain a co-signer or proof that the applicant can make payments.

To read the full article, click here.


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Heard it on the Radio (wo-oh-oh-oh…on the radio)…Managing the Money Maze, Show Review

I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ radio show, Revive our Hearts, on KVTT a couple of weeks ago.  <<If you are not a regular listener, you are missing out on a treat…you can find the radio schedule here.>>

During a 3-day series, Nancy re-aired a 2006 program about practical steps you and your family can take to make it through these stormy financial times.  This show is an excellent starting point for anyone who is trying to figure out where to begin to get their personal finances in order (not a lot of heavy financial talk…just good practical financial sense). Hard to believe it was recorded  3 years ago, as it is completely relevant for today (good teaching never gets stale, does it?)!

I  have wanted to share this show with others, and am so happy to discover that the transcripts and the actual radio show are available on-line in the show’s FREE archives (links below).

Following is an excerpt from the program as well as links to the transcripts/audio files…

Program Summary: Before the financial crisis settled in last fall, Nancy interviewed Jan Thompson, author of Managing the Money Maze. In this interview, Jan had the foresight to realize a financial storm was headed our way (and many in our country would  face challenging times).  Through this program, Jan provides, timeless, practical advice that everyone can apply to their lives…no matter the financial situation.

Program Excerpts (from Day 1): “Nancy: In recent years I’ve had so many friends that I’ve watched walk through major financial stress that just seems to suck the life out of their lives…I’ve seen people struggling with depression, with anxiety, with conflict in marriage. These are good friends, and I’ve watched them going through this. I began to seek the Lord about how we could address this subject in a way that would be helpful, in a way that could help people get not just the surface fruit problems, the symptoms, but the real heart issues. And the Lord brought to mind someone that I’ve known for many years but had never had a chance to have on Revive Our Hearts. Her name is Jan Thompson. Jan is a certified financial planner….She’s developed a lot of insights into God’s Word as it relates to good stewardship of God’s resources…

Jan: My mission is threefold. It is to educate, equip, and empower people to be the best trustee possible of the resources God’s going to give them to manage throughout their lifetime…

Nancy: You talk about the resources that God will entrust to people through the course of their lifetimes. Some of us are sitting here thinking, “Well, I’m not going to have any resources through my lifetime.” But you realize that’s not quite the case.

Jan: That’s not the case. In fact, one of the favorite groups that I enjoy speaking with (is college kids) . . . I actually got into this industry through teaching a college course called “Personal Financial Planning.”

I thought, “If I can get a hold of young people who are graduating from college equipped with a degree, hopefully prepared to go out and earn a living . . . no one has taught them how to manage the three and a half million dollars that the average wage earner is going to experience in their lifetime.”

Nancy: Three and a half million dollars?

Jan: That’s just at an average wage with three and a half inflation factor built into that through age 65.

Nancy: That we will have to manage.

Jan: That’s as a single person. If you get married you actually are doubling that. So you’re now at about seven million dollars that is going to go through your hands. As a business owner, would I hire someone to come in and manage my company if I knew I was going to be handling about seven million dollars—for someone who had had no training whatsoever, just had a passion and zeal to go out and do something?

So that gave me that passion to get involved on the college campus and start teaching this personal financial planning course, which I did for a number of years…”

You need to listen to the whole interview…good stuff.  Here are the links:

I hope you take the time to read or listen.  It will be time will spent…I promise.  :)

P.S.  If you are ready to do some more “unpacking” on personal finances, click on the Crown Financial or Dave Ramsey links in the column to the right under “blogroll”.

Enjoy! :)


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Smart Spending: Strategies for Saving on Back-To-School and Office Supplies

The back-to-school bargain shopping season is in full swing!

Following is a compiled list of some of the best back-to-school bargains out there (Most are good through Aug. 1):.

  • Staples: 25 cents for Elmer’s Glue, slider pencil cases, five-pack of Bic mechanical pencils, pencil sharpeners or a 12-pack of erasers. Scissors and glue sticks are among the items that will be two for $3. You can print out a coupon for $5 off $30 or use the coupon from the Sunday newspaper insert.
  • Office Depot: 5 cents for a compass, 20 cents for a four-pack of glue sticks and 75 cents for one-inch binders. Composition books and paper for 99 cents.Buy $10 worth of supplies and get a slider pencil box free. The store also has a number of free items if you buy something, such as a free Expo starter set of markers if you buy a dry-erase board.
  • OfficeMax: 1 cent for a 24-pack of Schoolio von Hoolio crayons; 25 cents for junior scissors, a box of erasers or Schoolio von Hoolio poly folders; buy two, get one for 1 cent on Bic pens, pencils, highlighters, Expo dry eraser markers, Jumbo Book Sox and Crayola crayons, markers, pencils or paints.
  • Walgreens: Buy one, get two free on spiral notebooks, pocket folders, composition books and filler paper.
  • CVS: Buy one, get one free on backpacks, Bic pencils, scissors, 16-packs of crayons, notebooks and more. If you do the Extra Bucks shopping, you can get a 15-pack of erasers, pencil case, sticky notes, stapler, two-pack of Easy Touch pens and a few others items essentially free by paying 99 cents for the items and then getting 99 cents in Extra Care bucks. The Extra Buck deals are good only through Tuesday.
  • Target: 50 cents each for pencil box, pencil pouch, 12-pack of Paper Mate Eagle pens.  Coming this week, Target will have many other items between 50 cents and $1
  • Wal-Mart: 25 cents for two-pack of glue sticks, Elmer’s glue, 24-pack of Crayola crayons; 15 cents for 70-page notebooks or two pocket folders; $1 for Crayola markers or colored pencils; $9 for backpacks
  • And for my teacher friends…most of these stores offer a Teacher’s Appreciation Day, providing additional discounts on supplies…be sure to inquire with each store for details (i.e. Office Max is providing a 15% discount to teachers on August 9, click here).

Don’t want to shop from store-to-store-to-store to get the best deal?

After reading many reviews comparing the shopping experiences of the above back-to-school retailers, the overwhelming one-stop-shop choice by reviewers is Target…voted as the best overall combination of price, selection and convenience.   OR get the best of both savings & convenience…catch a few of the sales above and then fill in the gaps of your list at Target.

Have a back-to-school tip you’d like to share with others?

Please share your back-to-school shopping tips with others, by leaving a comment.

Happy shopping!  :)

Thank you moneycentral.msn.com for compiling many of the deals listed above!


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Tune in to Randy Alcorn on Wednesday, May 27

One of my favorite authors, Randy Alcorn (Author of  The Treasure Principle and Heaven)  will be on the Revive Our Hearts radio program on Wednesday, May 27.  Tune in to hear the interview and learn how giving of your money, possessions, and self will demonstrate your love for God and transform your life. 

Randy will also be taking part in a live blog interactive teaching session on Wed, May 27, through the Revive Our Hearts radio blogHe will answer questions about eternal investments and finances (I am certain you’ll be encouraged by his insights).

  • For the Revive Our Hearts radio schedule for your area, click here
  • For the Revive Our Hearts interactive blog with Rancy Alcorn on May 27, click here   (then scroll to the bottom of the transcript)
  • For transcripts of this radio program, click here

An excerpt from an interview with Randy Alcorn
(From the May 26 radio edition of
Revive our Hearts)

The treasure principle itself is…we can’t take it with us but we can send it on ahead. And Jesus told us in Matthew 6:20 that we could actually lay up treasures in heaven.

And we do that—we lay up treasures in heaven—not only by giving (s.i.c. financially), but we give in other ways:

  • We give of our time.
  • We give of our talents, our giftings.
  • We invest ourselves in our children, in our aging parents, in our friends who have needs—someone’s gone through a divorce or someone has been abandoned, someone is struggling with cancer.

Every time we give of ourselves to other people in the name of Christ and for the glory of God, we are investing in treasure in heaven.

Tomorrow’s radio program and blog with Randy Alcorn is a great opportunity for a heart checkup in this area of our lives….we are so prone to go toward things that are temporal and seen and visible and to start to put down roots here on this earth.   Click the link above to take part or paste the following URL into your browser:  http://www.reviveourhearts.com/radio/roh/today.php