Heard it on the Radio (wo-oh-oh-oh…on the radio)…Managing the Money Maze, Show Review

I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ radio show, Revive our Hearts, on KVTT a couple of weeks ago.  <<If you are not a regular listener, you are missing out on a treat…you can find the radio schedule here.>>

During a 3-day series, Nancy re-aired a 2006 program about practical steps you and your family can take to make it through these stormy financial times.  This show is an excellent starting point for anyone who is trying to figure out where to begin to get their personal finances in order (not a lot of heavy financial talk…just good practical financial sense). Hard to believe it was recorded  3 years ago, as it is completely relevant for today (good teaching never gets stale, does it?)!

I  have wanted to share this show with others, and am so happy to discover that the transcripts and the actual radio show are available on-line in the show’s FREE archives (links below).

Following is an excerpt from the program as well as links to the transcripts/audio files…

Program Summary: Before the financial crisis settled in last fall, Nancy interviewed Jan Thompson, author of Managing the Money Maze. In this interview, Jan had the foresight to realize a financial storm was headed our way (and many in our country would  face challenging times).  Through this program, Jan provides, timeless, practical advice that everyone can apply to their lives…no matter the financial situation.

Program Excerpts (from Day 1): “Nancy: In recent years I’ve had so many friends that I’ve watched walk through major financial stress that just seems to suck the life out of their lives…I’ve seen people struggling with depression, with anxiety, with conflict in marriage. These are good friends, and I’ve watched them going through this. I began to seek the Lord about how we could address this subject in a way that would be helpful, in a way that could help people get not just the surface fruit problems, the symptoms, but the real heart issues. And the Lord brought to mind someone that I’ve known for many years but had never had a chance to have on Revive Our Hearts. Her name is Jan Thompson. Jan is a certified financial planner….She’s developed a lot of insights into God’s Word as it relates to good stewardship of God’s resources…

Jan: My mission is threefold. It is to educate, equip, and empower people to be the best trustee possible of the resources God’s going to give them to manage throughout their lifetime…

Nancy: You talk about the resources that God will entrust to people through the course of their lifetimes. Some of us are sitting here thinking, “Well, I’m not going to have any resources through my lifetime.” But you realize that’s not quite the case.

Jan: That’s not the case. In fact, one of the favorite groups that I enjoy speaking with (is college kids) . . . I actually got into this industry through teaching a college course called “Personal Financial Planning.”

I thought, “If I can get a hold of young people who are graduating from college equipped with a degree, hopefully prepared to go out and earn a living . . . no one has taught them how to manage the three and a half million dollars that the average wage earner is going to experience in their lifetime.”

Nancy: Three and a half million dollars?

Jan: That’s just at an average wage with three and a half inflation factor built into that through age 65.

Nancy: That we will have to manage.

Jan: That’s as a single person. If you get married you actually are doubling that. So you’re now at about seven million dollars that is going to go through your hands. As a business owner, would I hire someone to come in and manage my company if I knew I was going to be handling about seven million dollars—for someone who had had no training whatsoever, just had a passion and zeal to go out and do something?

So that gave me that passion to get involved on the college campus and start teaching this personal financial planning course, which I did for a number of years…”

You need to listen to the whole interview…good stuff.  Here are the links:

I hope you take the time to read or listen.  It will be time will spent…I promise.  :)

P.S.  If you are ready to do some more “unpacking” on personal finances, click on the Crown Financial or Dave Ramsey links in the column to the right under “blogroll”.

Enjoy! :)


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