2018 FREE Water Smart Landscape, Gardening, and Irrigation Seminars at BRIT in Fort Worth

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FREE Fort Worth Water Smart Irrigation and Landscape Seminars

Using less water is not only good for the environment, it is also great for saving money on your water bill! The Fort Worth Water Department, in partnership with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, is hosting a series of FREE seminars that will teach you how to plan and grow a water-saving garden, easy tips for maintaining a healthy water-wise landscape, helpful info for installing a DIY drip irrigation system, and much more! 

The list of upcoming classes includes:

:: Rainwater Harvesting ~ March 1, 2018
Think big for your home and save big on your water bill! This program covers design, construction, maintenance and benefits of a large rainwater collection system. Participants will learn how to calculate rainwater capture and design an above ground water collection system for a home, ranch or business. Register here. »

:: Top 100 Plants for North Texas ~ April 5, 2018
Are you a “Native Texan” or a transplant? Plants can be native or transplants too! Create a lush and vibrant landscape with our favorite “Top 100” native and adapted plants, ideal for your North Texas landscape. You’ll also learn proper soil preparation, proper planting, how to choose the right plant for the right place, as well as tips to keep your plants beautiful and healthy year-round. Register here. »

:: You Landscape It ~ May 3, 2018
Transform your landscape into a beautiful low maintenance, water efficient landscape. At this seminar, you’ll learn basic design principles, plant placement, and the newest hardscape trends so you can “do it yourself” and save big! You’ll also receive tips on how to use the ULandscapeIT tool on the WaterUniversity.tamu.edu website so that you can become your own landscape designer! Register here. »

:: Drip Irrigation ~ June 7, 2018
Make every drop count — drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method for landscape beds, potted plants, vegetable gardens or home foundations. Whether you have an existing sprinkler system or just an outdoor faucet, learn how to install, convert and maintain a drip irrigation system. The flow of information from our experts will make “do it yourself” drip irrigation seem easy! Register here. »

:: Water U Doing?: Water Efficient Sprinklers ~ July 12, 2018
Save water, money and time by giving your sprinkler system a “Spruce Up.” Come learn how minor do-it-yourself repairs and simple irrigation tips can make a major impact on your water waste and your water bill. If you’ve got questions about your controller or how much your lawn and landscape really needs, we’ve got a stream of info to get your plants looking their best! Register here. »

:: Put the ‘Care’ Into Lawn Care ~ August 2, 2018
Did you fight the lawn and the lawn won? Don’t let it! This course will teach you proper maintenance techniques, efficient watering methods, and simplified fertilizer and pesticide application to reduce weed and disease issues. We’ll help you create a lush and healthy lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy! Register here. »

:: Grow Your Own Vegetables ~ September 6, 2018
“Lettuce” talk about vegetables! Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, want to know where your food comes from, or just love the idea of growing delicious vine-ripened vegetables at home, this class in for you. Learn proper soil preparation, garden design and layouts, disease and insect identification, as well as the proper planting times for getting the most production out of your favorite vegetables in the challenging climate of North Texas. Register here. »

:: Texas Trees ~ October 4, 2018
Trees are without a doubt, our most valuable landscape investment! Whether you’re interested in their ornamental value for your property, their contribution to energy and water savings at your home or business, or the many other ecosystem services they provide, this program covers it. Branch out and join us to learn tips on tree selection and proper planting practices, as well as proper watering, pruning, common insect issues and diseases.  Register here. »

:: Composting ~ November 1, 2018
Compost is absolutely one of the best soil amendments money can buy, but you don’t have to buy! Learn how to make high-quality compost at home using materials most folks throw away. This class give you the “dirt” on the most effective composting methods with a focus on practical techniques and tips to get your compost system back to its peak.  Register here. » 


All seminars will take place from 6-8pm at:

The Botanical Research Instiute of Texas
1700 University Drive in Fort Worth

Do note, that while seminars are FREE, they do require pre-registration as there are limited seats given on a first come, first serve basis.  

Learn more here.


Enjoy and Share!  :)

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