Tune in to Randy Alcorn on Wednesday, May 27

One of my favorite authors, Randy Alcorn (Author of  The Treasure Principle and Heaven)  will be on the Revive Our Hearts radio program on Wednesday, May 27.  Tune in to hear the interview and learn how giving of your money, possessions, and self will demonstrate your love for God and transform your life. 

Randy will also be taking part in a live blog interactive teaching session on Wed, May 27, through the Revive Our Hearts radio blogHe will answer questions about eternal investments and finances (I am certain you’ll be encouraged by his insights).

  • For the Revive Our Hearts radio schedule for your area, click here
  • For the Revive Our Hearts interactive blog with Rancy Alcorn on May 27, click here   (then scroll to the bottom of the transcript)
  • For transcripts of this radio program, click here

An excerpt from an interview with Randy Alcorn
(From the May 26 radio edition of
Revive our Hearts)

The treasure principle itself is…we can’t take it with us but we can send it on ahead. And Jesus told us in Matthew 6:20 that we could actually lay up treasures in heaven.

And we do that—we lay up treasures in heaven—not only by giving (s.i.c. financially), but we give in other ways:

  • We give of our time.
  • We give of our talents, our giftings.
  • We invest ourselves in our children, in our aging parents, in our friends who have needs—someone’s gone through a divorce or someone has been abandoned, someone is struggling with cancer.

Every time we give of ourselves to other people in the name of Christ and for the glory of God, we are investing in treasure in heaven.

Tomorrow’s radio program and blog with Randy Alcorn is a great opportunity for a heart checkup in this area of our lives….we are so prone to go toward things that are temporal and seen and visible and to start to put down roots here on this earth.   Click the link above to take part or paste the following URL into your browser:  http://www.reviveourhearts.com/radio/roh/today.php

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