Want to Get The Most From Your Grocery Dollar? Find Top-Rated Foods With These FREE Shopping Lists of Test Kitchen Winners!



We go through vanilla extract pretty quickly at our home.  It is that “secret kitchen weapon” that seems to make everything taste better (except, of course, broccoli!). Since the price of vanilla seems to continue to sky-rocket, I recently decided to take on a “google” hunt to find the vanilla brand with the best combination of taste and value (read about that here if you want to know more ~ some warnings about many Mexican vanillas too!).     

“Pass-along Worthy” Grocery Shopping Lists

As part of my little research project, I discovered some great grocery buying resources that get the “pass-along-worthy” seal of approval!  These helpful shopping lists provide the winning finalists for hundreds of name brand packaged foods in lots of grocery categories (based on blind taste tests and selected on best overall quality, taste, and convenience).   

I found these lists so helpful, that I printed them as a convenient reference to keep with my weekly grocery list and saved them to my iphone so I’ll always have them with me at the store (these are all pdfs, so you can save them to your computer/pdf capable smart phone as well)!    

Here’s the scoop:   

:: Cook’s Illustrated Magazine: 2010 Grocery Buying Guide For Supermarket Ingredients.  This list features hundreds of top-rated brands, tested and recommended by Cook’s Illustrated (a.k.a. America’s Test Kitchen and the favorite magazine of foodies). Click here for the free guide.   

:: Women’s Health Magazine:  125 Best Packaged Foods (In spite of the title, not just for women). Women’s Health Magazine’s team of nutritionists tested hundreds of grocery items to find the healthiest, tastiest, and most convenient supermarket finds.  Get the free list of results, here.   

:: Prevention Magazine: 25 Healthiest Packaged Foods List. Prevention Magazine’s team of experts recommend their favorite healthy and budget-friendly packaged convenience foods. These selections are wholesome foods,  low in sodium, calories, and without added preservatives/chemicals.  See details on why these foods were picked, here (plus get quick meal ideas for each one) and download the printable shopping list, here.   

:: Prevention Magazine:Top 10 Healthy Packaged Food Awards. Prevention Magazine announced it’s top 10 healthy packaged food awards on the NBC Today Show with Matt Lauer. I could not find a related “shopping list,” but you can create your own from the short Today Show video clip. Go here to see the video  which will also give a tidbit on why each winner was selected (note that there is a brief ad at the beginning of the video).    

How do you make the most of your grocery shopping budget?   Tell us in the comments section!  We look forward to hearing from you!   



Enjoy and Share! :)   



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