18 FREE Redbox DVD & Game Rental Promo Codes

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Enjoy a FREE game night or a DVD movie rental from RedBox through December 31st!

:: Get a free movie rental at any RedBox location by using any of the following promo codes (enter code at any RedBox kiosk*):

  • HAPPY1
  • Sign up for Redbox Text Alerts to get a free movie rental promo code on the 1st Monday of every month (or text the word SIGNUP to 727272)

:: There are a few promo codes that will also get you a FREE game rental too. Text the following promo codes to 727272 and you’ll get a free rental code sent back to you that you can enter  at any RedBox kiosk with games*:

  • RENT

:: To get a free movie rental at specific RedBox store locations, use the following promo codes (only valid at the store’s RedBox kiosk*):

  • DVDKROG – Kroger Only
  • DVDATKROGER – Kroger Only
  • DRIVEIN – Sonic Only
  • DVDATSONI – Sonic Only
  • DVDATWAG – Walgreens Only
  • BREAKDOWN — Walgreens Only

:: To receive a FREE 1-night game movie, valid at any Redbox:

  • Text the word PANDORA to 72727, and they will send you a promo code for a FREE rental.

*Worth noting: There is only one  free rental per promo code, per credit/debit card.  Also, these codes can only be used at the kiosk and are not valid online.  Expiration dates can vary for each code.

  Enjoy and Share!    :)

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One response to “18 FREE Redbox DVD & Game Rental Promo Codes

  1. My family used to use these kiosks to supplement our memberships to Netflix and Gamefly. It cost over thirty bucks a month just for streaming and home delivery for movies and games! Then we got the Hopper through DISH, and everything changed. We signed up for Blockbuster @Home by DISH, which is only ten bucks a month. I not only get streaming and game/DVD delivery, but a bunch of movie channels, too. Many of my friends and coworkers at DISH have been able to get that same type of savings by signing up, and since your site has helped me save so much money over the last year, I thought I would pass it along to return the favor.

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