Expand Your Garden With (Almost) FREE Plants ~ Join the Plant Swap Fun at Calloway’s Saturday!

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Trade plants, bulbs, rootings, snippings, and seeds with fellow gardeners at Calloway’s Annual Plant Swap this Saturday, April 14th. It’s a  fun way to add some new selections to your garden and will help you save money on your spring plantings!


The dirt on how to Get FREE Plants: This Saturday, April 14th, Calloway’s Nursery is hosting a perennial plant swap at two DFW stores: North Arlington and Plano. The Spring Perennial Swap is the fifth event of this type hosted by Calloway’s locations and is FREE to the public.

This is a great way to expand your garden with shared plants, seedlings, and bulbs, as well as trade tips with other local gardeners!

Calloway’s directions for swapping plants:

Step 1: Post what you have and what you want at the links below. If you have extra bulbs, roots or divided perennials list them to share. If you’re looking for something specific, post it at these links:

:: Go here to chat with N. Arlington Perennial Swap Participants
:: Go here to chat with Plano Perennial Swap Participants

Step 2: Browse the Perennial Swap blog and create your shopping list. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, post a note to inquire if someone has what you want. Invite your friends, neighbors and family members to join in the fun. The more gardeners who come the more plants to trade!

Step 3: Come to the Perennial Swap and meet up to exchange and trade. Agree to meet at the swap and exchange plants. Arrive at the swap, get a free bottle of water and start shopping. Visit and trade plants.

Step 4: Take your new plants home, plant them up, enjoy them and SAVE money!

Details, Details
What: To learn more about Calloway’s plant swap, go here. Use the
links above to chat with Spring Perennial Swap participants and
post your plant “haves” and “wants.”
When: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 10:00am – Noon
Where: Perennial Swap events take place at two DFW Calloway’s
Nursery  locations: N. Arlington at 1424 N. Center Street
and Plano at 1621 Custer Road 

Enjoy & Share! :)

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