Restaurant Coupon Roundup ~ Taco Cabana, Jamba Juice, Chuy’s, TGI Fridays & More

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If you are dining out at any of these spots, be sure to take these great coupons with you!

  • Taco Cabana coupon:  $1 OFF Coupon made available when you build your own “virtual” Cabana Bowl. Expires January 19, 2011.
  •  Jamba Juice  coupon: These 3 coupons include 16-ounce Coldbuster smoothie for $2, a 12-ounce yogurt and fruit smoothie for $1, or Steel Cut Oatmeal for $1. The coupons expire January 19th.
  • Chuy’s: This coupon is good for FREE chips and queso with a to go order. Expires March 1st.
  • TGI Fridays:  2 Great Coupons! 
        1.  $5 OFF your next purchase of $15 or more (go here).  
    Expires January 13th.
        2. Sign up for the TGIF Give Me More Stripes program and
              get an appetizer or dessert FREE (go here)!
  • Schlotzsky’s: Buy a steak sandwich and get FREE chips and a
    drink. Expires January 25th.


Enjoy and Share! :)



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2 responses to “Restaurant Coupon Roundup ~ Taco Cabana, Jamba Juice, Chuy’s, TGI Fridays & More

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  2. Peggy Mccorrison

    great post! keep it on!

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