Summer Reading Programs For Kids = FREE Books


As the end of school approaches, you may be wondering how you can fill
the summer days with fun activities for the kids.  One idea ~ incorporate a
regular reading program. Not only do you help your children learn to enjoy
reading, they can earn FREE books, too!     

Following are 3 summer programs that will reward your kids with
FREE books for their reading efforts:

:: Borders Double Dog Dare Summer Reading Program
 Take part in Border’s reading program and get 1 FREE Book from
    Border’s Bookstores! 
Go here for more details.
: To get the free book, read any 10 books this summer (these can
    even be from the library).
Print and fill out this form, and then bring the
    completed form into any Borders, Borders Express, or Waldenbooks.
Who:  Border’s Summer reading program is for kids aged 12 and under.
When:  Now through August 26, 2010, or until supplies run out.

:: Barnes & Noble Passport to Summer Reading
 Earn a FREE Book from Barnes & Noble this summer! 
    Learn more here
How: To get the free book, read any 8 books this summer (again, they
    can be from anywhere).
Print and fill out the B&N passport, and then
    bring the completed form into any Barnes & Noble Bookstore.
Who:  B&N’s summer reading program is for kids through 6th grade.
When:  May 25 through September 7, 2010, or until supplies run out.

:: Half Price Books Feed Your Brain Reading Program
 Earn a FREE $3 Gift Card from Half Price Books every week, for up
     to 5 weeks (or $15 FREE)!  Go here for more details.
How: To get the free gift cards, read at least 15 minutes for 5 days of
    each week (any reading materials qualify). Print and fill out the reading
    log, and then bring the completed log to any Half Price Books Store, at
    the end of each week.
Who:  For kids aged 14 and under.
When:  June 1 through July 31, 2010.   


:: Tips for Making the Most of  Your Summer Reading   

1. Spend time with your child helping them select books to read. 
A great place to start is Amazon’s list of best-selling children’s books
(most books on Amazon are deeply discounted or you can use this as a
starting point for your library check-out list).

2.  Encourage your child’s love for books with fresh ideas for
motivating them to read. 
Find hundreds of creative tips to make reading
exciting for your child, at 

What are you doing this summer that is fun and frugal with your
family? We’d LOVE to know! 
 Please post in the comments section!   


Enjoy and Share! :)    



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6 responses to “Summer Reading Programs For Kids = FREE Books

  1. We’re going to take advantage of the cheap movie prices by going to the dollar-shows at local movie theaters on Tuesday or Wednesday. Cheap fun plus it’s air-conditioned!

    Plus, the swimming beach at Joe Pool Lake (In Grand Prairie) – $10 for the whole car to swim & play on the park!

    Also, the splash park on California Lane and I think there’s another one called Meisenheimer Park???

    We’re ALL about saving money!

    • frugalinfortworth

      Great ideas, Texan Mama ~ Thanks! I’m so ready for summer (but I can do without the heat). Sounds like you’ve got a good plan ~ A/C + pool time! :)

  2. Great info! Am planning to take part in all 3 programs. 3 kids x 3 programs = at least 9 new books for our home library (probably more with the half price books deal).

    Thanks! cg

  3. Thanks for posting this info. We are going to be taking advantage of this!

  4. Hi! Love this and I Love your blog! I have passed this along to all my friends! Great summer project.

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