Welcome to “Frugal in Fort Worth”

These Economic Times

Daily, we hear reports in the news media about hard economic times. Lately it seems that even personal conversations are full of words like “Down-sizing” (a.k.a., more corporate-politically-correct… “right-sizing”), “foreclosures”, “recession” …and the list goes on!

Rather than dwell on what the news is reporting, I have decided to come alongside others and “link arms” as we walk this economic road and get to the other side.

A Bit of Encouragement

 Through this blog, I hope you find encouragement for becoming financially free and solutions for reducing your family expenses. My hope is that I am able to provide you fresh ideas on how to save money for the future, get out of debt, and…for those budgeted expenses…stretch your family’s funds.

 I invite you to join me on this journey and would love to hear YOUR ideas for how you are making a difference and reaching your goals with your family finances. Please feel free to share this blog link with your friends and family, too!

          “I have come that they might have Life, and have it to the full.”

             JOHN 10:10 NIV

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and have spent my entire adult life in Central/North Texas (Howdy!). I now live in the suburbs of Dallas/Fort Worth and within a few miles of my home, I have buffalo, cattle, oil wells, and yea verily…“ya’ll” even slips into the grammar! Yes, I’m a true blue Texan. Even so, I have Midwest roots, as I was raised by parents from the heart of Kansas’ ranching and wheat land.

 I have my parents to thank for teaching me the importance of staying out of debt, the value of making every dollar count, and the significance of saving for the future. They taught me to save, give, and spend less than I earned.

Along the way, I also learned that this is not my/our money…it is God’s…and we are entrusted and responsible to manage what God gives us for the short time we are on this Earth. My heart is to help others learn how to better manage their finances God’s way and to join others on this journey to faithfully living by God’s principles in every area of their lives.

Crown Financial Ministries

For over 10 years, my husband and I have been involved with Crown Financial Ministries. “Crown Financial Ministries®, founded in 1976, is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to equipping people around the world to learn, apply, and teach biblical financial principles…and help ignite True Financial Freedom around the globe.” To learn more about the mission, vision and ministry of Crown Financial Ministries, go to http://www.crown.org .

Reading List

 For further reading, I recommend…

  • Your Money Counts, Author: Howard Dayton of Crown Financial Ministries
  • Total Money Makeover, Author: Dave Ramsey

One response to “Welcome to “Frugal in Fort Worth”

  1. So needed! Thanks for doing this.

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