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Beware! City of Fort Worth Warns of Scam Callers Demanding Money For Fake Warrants

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The Fort Worth Municipal Court warns of a scam involving phone calls to residents asking for money for unsettled warrants.

The calls are not from Municipal Court officers, who do not call residents to collect payments. Anyone receiving such a bogus call should contact the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-335-4222.

Here’s how the scam works: Phone calls are made to residents from supposed “marshals” who say that arrests will be made if money isn’t immediately sent via Western Union. The requested amounts range from $500-$2,000 per call.

Keep in mind that the Municipal Court does not call people at their residence to collect payment. Instead, letters are mailed to home addresses when a warrant demands attention.

Between 25 and 40 bogus phone calls have been reported in Fort Worth recently, many of them to elderly residents.

To check your warrant status, call the Warrants Office at 817-392-8665 or check online.

In the meantime, never send money to anyone without knowing for certain who you’re speaking to and what the payment is for.

P.S.  Consumers or small business owners victimized by a scam can also contact the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau or file a complaint at www.fwbbb.org. Always research with the BBB before you sign any contracts or hand over any money. 


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