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Oreo’s 100th Birthday: Fun Celebration Ideas From Around the Web-o-sphere

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Do you eat your Oreos whole, twist and eat the filling first, or dunk your cookies in milk? However you eat them, Oreos are one of those timeless fun foods for kids and adults, and they are celebrating their 100th Birthday! 

In honor, we are posting some of our favorite ideas and recipes from around the web for celebrating this favorite crème filled cookie.

Oreo Cake from Martha Stewart
Whoever put this together gets an A++ for their patience!

Easy to Make Oreo Pops from Hip Hip Hooray Blog
Love this great idea!!

Oreo Cookie Balls from Oreo’s Recipe Collection 
Be careful ~ these are addicting!!!!

Oreo “Easter Egg” Cookie Balls from Oreo’s Recipe Collection  
Such a fun idea to try with kids for an Easter treat. We probably would not use the orange extract called for in this recipe and might try with plain original or Golden Oreos instead (why mess with a good thing?).

How are you celebrating Oreo’s 100th Birthday?

Enjoy and Share! :)

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