FREE Printable Road Trip Bingo Games — 3 Designs

Free Road Trip Printable Bingo Game

If you are taking a road trip with the little ones for Spring Break, be sure and check out this fun collection of FREE printable Road Trip Bingo games from creative bloggers, Thirty Handmade Days and Oopsey Daisy. There are 3 designs from which to choose, and each design has 5 unique game boards.

Free Road Trip Printable Bingo Game

To make your bingo cards, print the design on standard letter size card stock.  As an option, you can choose to laminate these (see below) if you’d like to make them reusable with a dry erase marker.

:: Get your FREE Road Trip Bingo Game printables here.


P.S.  If you do not already have a laminator for this project, we recommend this one from Purple Cow.  We bought this model at Costco a couple of years ago and have used it for oodles of projects — it’s $27.99 over at Amazon right now, a nice bargainWe especially love that it includes a bonus supply of 100 lamination pockets in various sizes to get you started.  Go here to learn more.

Purple Cow Laminator

Enjoy and Share! :)



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