Happy New Year Fort Worth!

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Thank You For a Great 2011!

We are back in gear at Frugal in Fort Worth ~ thanks so much for hitting the “pause” button with us as we took a few days to get refreshed and enjoy celebrating Christmas with family and friends. I hope the last few days have have been good for you too!

Can you believe today is the start to a new year?  Woooooosh! 2011 felt like it lasted a week and was gone in a blink! I am so grateful for the many blessings and people who were brought into our lives in the last year.  I’m convinced that we do have the very best readers (we are still in shock about being voted Best Blogger of 2011 by Fort Worth Weekly ~ but know it was because of you!!). Thank you for all your encouragement, ideas, and feedback.  I am eagerly looking forward to another year with all of you and the surprises that 2012 holds! 

How about you?  Any big (or small) plans or resolutions for 2012?


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One response to “Happy New Year Fort Worth!

  1. Happy New year to you too! Thanks for all the great savings tips you send my way every week.

    As far as plans & resolutions: am planning on getting on an exercise program ( have unfortunately let that slide over the last year) as I have a big reunion coming up and a family vacation this year — good motivation (heh)! I also started reading through the Bible and hope to make it through the whole Bible by the end of the year.

    Thanks again for your blog — I always look forward to getting your email each day.

  2. travelguru promo codes 2012

    May this new year brings a lot of happiness in every one’s life.

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