Attention College Students: Save Up to 90% OFF Textbooks & Get FREE 2-Day Shipping

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This gets the pass-along worthy “seal of approval” for my college bound friends…


Save a Bundle This Semester on Textbooks

Amazon is offering college students FREE 2-day shipping on all purchases of textbooks (and anything else that Amazon sells), and enrollment is FREE to students!  Plus Amazon offers various other programs that will help you save on college costs including:

  • Amazon’s Textbook store.  Find thousands of college textbook titles  available ~ up to 30% OFF new bookstore prices and up to 90% OFF used textbooks ~ potentially saving hundreds of dollars on your book tab.
  • Kindle e-Textbook rental store. Take a look at Amazon’s Kindle Textbook Rental program which allows you to download your textbooks to a Kindle, IPad or just about any computer for 80% of the new book price.  Kindle textbooks can typically be rented for any length between 30 to 360 days – you pay only for the time you need and can extend or buy anytime.

Details, details
What:  College students can sign up here for the FREE Amazon
Student Two-Day Shipping on textbooks and more.  Learn more here.
FREE 2-Day shipping benefits will extend for 1 full year from
the sign up date.
Who is Eligible:  Only students currently enrolled in a college or
university who have a valid .edu e-mail address to confirm their status
are eligible to take part in Amazon Student.

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2 responses to “Attention College Students: Save Up to 90% OFF Textbooks & Get FREE 2-Day Shipping

  1. I purchased NEW textbooks from Amazon 3 times (returned) and all 3 times I received USED Books. Amazon is a big scam.. They only send you used books with No writing in them but the covers with scuffs and bent corners tell the real story… They are surely making a mint with their unethical policies by buying the books back for $100 and selling them again for $200. I recommend not buying from Amazon because it is a big scam.. Rarely wil you actually get NEW even though you gave them that $200 fee for NEW BEWARE… ITs a SCAM!!

    • Frugal In Fort Worth Blog

      Hi Ariel. I’m really sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We use Amazon almost exclusively for our new book source and have never had a problem like you describe in all our years of purchasing from Amazon. The couple of items we’ve had to return (both manufacturer’s defects) were done so with no problem ~ in fact Amazon offered to pay the return shipping each time and replaced the item immediately without hassle.

      I would add that there are several 3rd party sellers that sell their goods through Amazon — they are not connected to Amazon (kind of like EBay sellers). We only exclusively buy items direct from Amazon (no 3rd party sellers for us!) and would recommend that others do the same. Also, on many items, there is an opportunity to purchase “like new” but “used” condition through Amazon’s warehouse and at a greater discount. Always be sure to take note of this when placing an order. Thanks for dropping by.

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