Easy Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas & Recipes: Let the Kids Cook

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We have rounded up some easy breakfast recipes to help get Dad & your little ones on the right track for Mother’s Day.  These recipes come from a few of our favorite home cooking & foodie sites, so even if the little one’s aren’t cooking breakfast for you, these are great sites/recipes to bookmark for use in the future.

Wholesome Mommy has some great advice for helping your kids take care of breakfast.  She says, “Decide on a simple dish/recipe that your kids can make all by themselves.  Leave easy to follow directions on the counter along with the dishes, tray, and any ingredients that the kids can’t safely reach themselves.  If you can, get your husband involved and tell him your plan so that he can help the kids get the things they need in the morning – but remind him to let them do it all by themselves!”  Her Mother’s Day breakfast recipes include Layered Granola Parfait, Cinnamon & Sugar Toast, Cinnamon Oranges, and some scrumptous looking Waffles with Pecan Maple Syrup


Mommy’s Kitchen Blog features some super easy recipes and easy to follow picture instructions for Yogurt & Granola Breakfast Parfaits, Bacon & Cheese Muffins, Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents, Easy Monkey Bread, Overnight French Toast, Fruit Smoothies, and more.

Food Network  has compiled a few recipes that they say are so easy, Mom won’t even need to help.  Their suggested simple menu for mom includes: Giada’s custardy Baked French toast with Blueberries, a Citrus Cream Smoothie, and The Lady’s Perfect Scrambled Eggs.

And for the somewhat experienced cook: AllRecipes.com has a “Mother’s Day Top 20” list of recipes that includes top-rated breakfast items like Simple Scones, Whole Grain Waffles, Crepes and a Cinnabon recipe clone (I must check this one out for myself!).  Do note that most of these recipes are probably too advanced for little ones, though.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Moms.  I hope this is a restful, joyful weekend for you!   Enjoy and Share! :)



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