FREE! A Special Invitation to Join SniqueAway Travel Bargain Site (FREE Membership, By Invitation Only)

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I love a great deal, and I love to travel ~ So, I’m excited to pass-along an invitation to you from Frugal in Fort Worth and Trip Advisor to become a member (FREE) of Snique AwayTrip Advisor’s NEW travel bargain site (and I do mean bargain!!!).

Backed by the credibility of, SniqueAway offers limited-time sales and deep discounts on some fantastic 4 & 5-Star rated hotels around the world, with savings typically from 40-60% OFF.  The hotel sales change weekly and span a wide range of travel tastes and budgets.  Membership to Snique Away is FREE, but you have to be invited to join (and you are officially invited by Frugal in Fort Worth!)

What kinds of bargains should you expect? This week Snique Away features sales for top-rated hotels in Whistler ~ Canada, New York ~ NY, Bagshot ~ England (pack me in your bags, please), and Summerville ~ South Carolina. If you want to plan a little “stay-cation”, they even have a great special this week for the historic Adolphus in Dallas ~ $89 for their Deluxe Room through SniqueAway (I looked at Adolphus’ website and this same room is going for $174 there, today). 

Sign up & join here (FREE)!

Learn more about SniqueAway, here or keep reading for a longer review of our experience with SniqueAway (and why we like it so much!). 



My personal experience with SniqueAway. 

A few months ago, I was sent a private invitation to join SniqueAway.  To be candid, when I received this invitation, I was a bit sceptical about what it was. I didn’t want to unknowingly sign up as a target for one of those annoying time-share deals with all the high-pressure sales riff-raff (pretty much like gum on the shoe).  Plus, the austere pre-member-sign-in web design and invitation-only aspect made it impossible to preview & peruse the website to make sure this was something I was truly interested in (hopefully this review will make it much easier for you). 

After doing quite a bit of research and watching and comparing various travel offers, I am happy to say that I am very comfortable recommending SniqueAway to my readers. It is an easy, easy way to find unheard of deals on some of the best hotels in the world.  It turns out it is part of one of my favorite travel opinion sites, Trip Advisor (read here and here for a nice overview).  In fact, the only hotels featured on SniqueAway are ones that have been highly rated by readers like you and me on ~ ratings from folks who have actually stayed at these hotels and share their opinions, both pros & cons. 

This got my attention. For the last few years, Trip Advisor has been the first site I go to and one of the most credible opinion-sites when I’m selecting hotels, restaurants, and travel activities for new places (not to mention it has been great for fresh entertainment & restaurant ideas for Fort Worth).  I’m officially a fan of SniqueAway, and wanted to make sure my readers had a chance to take advantage of their free membership & travel bargains, too! 

What to expect when you sign up with SniqueAway ~

Once I signed up, I started receiving 1 email per week featuring about 5 hotel bargain deals from around the U.S. and across the world (plus a sneak preview at hotel deals that would be offered the following week). The offers are on a first come, first serve basis, lasting up to seven days or until sold out.

Since you will not be able to view these bargains until you sign up, I’m adding a screen capture below so you can get an idea of what you’ll see on a typical hotel bargain offer (you can see from the example below on the Dallas Adolphus, the price range goes from a pretty affordable deluxe room to luxurious suite options).

You’ll also notice that there is a Trip Advisor review tab (found on every hotel deal listing) where you can link to and read corresponding hotel reviews, providing quick insight into the experiences of other travelers and how they view the hotel.


1.  Sign up with this invitation. There is no cost to join the members-only service, but a private invitation is required.  As a reader of Frugal in Fort Worth, you are officially invited (Go here)!

2.  Check out the weekly hotel deals. Once you’re a member, there are always deals available on SniqueAway, with 3-5 new sales added Mondays at 1PM CST.

  • Members are notified via email of each week’s hotel deals, with offers on a first come, first serve basis, lasting up to seven days or until sold out. Members can preview future hotel deals seven days in advance and can set up a reminder for alerts when sales start.
  • After members receive and accept the invitation, they can check out photos and property overviews of the hotel offers. Inside every SniqueAway Escape there are TripAdvisor reviews, hotel amenities, room details—even local hot spots and location maps.
  • All hotels featured on SniqueAway have earned at least a four-star rating classification and four out of five review ratings on TripAdvisor.

3. Select and book your room.  Enter room type, check-in/check-out dates and click “Select.” Enter traveler information and any special requests for the hotel. From the time dates are selected, members have 15 minutes to click “Book it!” or the room(s) will be returned to inventory. All taxes and fees are included unless otherwise noted in the policies.

4.  Confirm, pack your toothbrush, and enjoy!  Upon booking, members receive a confirmation email from SniqueAway. All guests need at check-in is the hotel confirmation number and a credit card for any hotel purchase not included within the SniqueAway escape.

Sign up & join here (FREE)!

Enjoy and Share! :)


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