FRUGAL ALERT: Sharon Young Designer Warehouse Last Chance Sale. EVERYTHING is Now Priced at $10! ~ Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good News!! The Summer Sale is Extended 1 More Day AND
EVERYTHING is Marked Down to $10 at the Last Chance
Sharon Young Ladies Designer Clothes Warehouse Sale!

I’ve heard from several happy readers who shared that they made
some fabulous buys and had a blast at the
Sharon Young Warehouse
Summer Clothes Sale
 last weekend.   Thanks everyone for
sharing your stories!

In case you weren’t able to make it (or even if you did), I have some
good news to share ~ the Sharon Young Team has decided to extend
their sale one last day AND has marked everything down to $10!!!  

Why so cheap & why the extra day?
The warehouse desperately needs to make space for all the fall
merchandise that is arriving for their retailers.  
After last weekend’s
huge sale, they still have 8,000+ summer pieces left in stock that are
taking up a lot of space.  Unfortunate, but good for the frugal
shopper ~ the savings can’t get much cheaper than this!       

The clothes are beautiful and at $10, it is well worth
the drive to Dallas!


Sharon Young Warehouse Last Chance Sale Highlights:       

  • Every piece will be sold for $10!!!  Did I mention that? :)
  • The clothes are gorgeous top designer quality ~ collections
    you’ll normally find only at higher end ladies boutiques.
  •  The $10 sale includes jackets that normally retail for $200
    (and sold for $50 in last weekend’s sale!).
    You’ll also find pants,
    skirts, blouses, & sweaters, and more ~ all for $10!  
  • There are 8,000+ top quality pieces in the sale from high end
    boutique designers ~ Sharon Young, City Girl, Multiples, A La
    Carte, and more.  
  • Sizes, styles and collections span a huge variety. Ladies Sizes
    2-18, Petites 4-14 and Plus Sizes 14W-22W.
  • Read more about  last week’s sale here, as well as see a
    quick video
     to get a glimpse of some of the merchandise
    you will find.

Details, details
What: The Sharon Young Last Chance Warehouse Sale will feature
    everything to complete an outfit including tops, skirts, pants, jackets
    and matching accessories ~ All at $10 for every piece!
 Ladies Sizes 2-18, Petites 4-14 and Plus Sizes 14W-22W.
When: August 14, 2010 ~ Saturday – 8:00AM to 3:00PM
Where: 10367 Brockwood Rd ~ Dallas. This is the corporate office
   location. The sale entrance is at this address, in the back.
Do note: This is a manufacturer’s warehouse sale and not a regular 
    retail operation.  There is a large dressing room available to try
    things on if you wish. This is a women only event ~ so husbands,
   guy-friends and kiddos 
under 12, please stay comfortable at home.            



    Enjoy and Share! :)              




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