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FREE Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Jack-O-Lantern Pattern Ideas (Over 60 FREE Downloads)

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Pumpkin Carving

The gentle crispness to our North Texas air is a welcomed reminder that the beginning of the fall season is here (I love it!!)! It is the perfect time to make a fun family memory by carving a jack-o-lantern to decorate your home. 

Pick up a couple of inexpensive pumpkins and try you hand at a fun design with one of  these FREE pumpkin stencils!  

  • Kraft.com has 6 different pumpkin face patterns as well as an easy-to-follow guide for carving pumpkins, here.
  • Hesheys.com offers a wide variety of 30 different patterns from easy to advanced, with printable carving instructions.
  • Better Homes and Gardens provides 6 silly face patterns.
  • DisneyFamily.com has 6 Disney character patterns that include Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Goofy.
  • Nick Jr. offers favorite Nick Jr. TV show character patterns.
  • PumpkinLady.com provides a wide selection of clever designs, most for a nominal charge (USE Promo Code THANKS10 to get 10% off your total order). Click around the site, and you will find a few designs for FREE (most of the free patterns are found at the bottom of each category and change out each week). Follow the pumpkin lady’s Facebook Fan page for other free designs and discounts.

I recommend a couple of great tools for making your pumpkin carving project easier:
Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carving

  • For the more serious pumpkin carving project, I recommend the Messermeister Pumpkin Carving Kit which includes a chef quality Pumpkin/Melon knife, scoop and carving tools in a storage case. The special blades are designed to carve intricate designs beautifully (not for the kiddos, though)! They’ll give a great grip when cutting and carving pumpkins and thick melons, too.
  • If you want one really good tool, I recommend getting a special Pumpkin/Melon Carving knife. We really like the Warren Pro Pumpkin Carving knife. It is well made with a walnut handle and comes with several sturdy replacement blades that have a fine saw like cutting action ~ they will not bend or break as with the cheaper versions. Again, this is not safe for kids.

Enjoy and Share! :)


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