2017 FREE Water Smart Landscape, Gardening, and Irrigation Seminars at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

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FREE Fort Worth Water Smart Irrigation and Landscape Seminars

The Fort Worth Water Department, in partnership with Texas AgriLife Extension Service, is hosting a series of FREE water smart landscape and gardening seminars throughout 2017. These classes are offered monthly at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and will equip you to make educated decisions in your landscape as well as make efficient use of the latest watering and irrigation technologies.

:: Water Efficient Landscape Design ~ March 2, 2017
Are you on a budget but your landscape needs a facelift? Transform your landscape into a water efficient landscape. You’ll learn basic design principles, plant placement, and hardscape so you can do it yourself!  Register here. »

:: Native and Adaptive Plants for North Texas ~ April 6, 2017
Are you a “Native Texan” or a transplant? Plants are native or transplants too!This program covers a large selection of minimal water use plants that are native and adaptive — ideal for a sustainable landscape or garden. You will learn proper soil preparation, planting and native and adaptive plant selection.  Register here. »

:: Water Efficient Landscape Plants and Maintenance ~ May 4, 2017
Learn to install and maintain a water efficient landscape. Topics include proper soil preparation, plant and hardscape installation, and maintenance.  Register here. »

:: On the Wild Side: Gardening for Wildlife ~ June 1, 2017
In this seminar, you’ll learn about native and adaptive plants that are not only water efficient additions to your landscape, but also beautiful landscape accents that attract beneficial wildlife.  Register here. »

:: Drip Irrigation DIY ~ July 6, 2017
Learn how to water more efficiently with every drop by converting your spray heads and sprinkler system to drip. This hands-on class will teach you how to install drip irrigation tubing from your faucet or convert an existing zone to drip. Drip irrigation for foundation watering will also be covered. Register here. »

:: Water Efficient Irrigation ~ August 3, 2017
In this class you’ll learn how to most efficiently operate your sprinkler system and its components to take advantage of water efficiency best practices.  You’ll also learn how to maintain your home’s automatic sprinkler systems and make basic repairs.   Register here. »

:: Lawn Care Maintenance ~ September 7, 2017
Proper lawn care is a key component to a healthy lawn. This program covers basic lawn maintenance best practices as well as selecting the right turf grass to improve the health and longevity of your landscape. This class will teach you how to maintain your landscape using less water, fertilizers and pesticides, too. Register here. »

:: Composting ~ October 5, 2017
This program teaches the benefits of different types and methods of composting.  Register here. »

:: The Edible Landscape ~ November 2, 2017
Why water and mow what you can’t eat? Utilizing areas in your landscape to grow edibles is a way to add food on your table and reduce your grocery bill. This program teaches you how to incorporate edible plants into your home garden and landscape. You will learn how herbs, fruits and vegetables can add to the colors and textures of your permanent landscape combining both aesthetics’ and functionality.  Register here. »

All seminars will take place at:

Fort Worth Botanic Garden
3220 Botanic Garden Blvd. ~ Inside the Iris Room

Do note, that while seminars are FREE, they do require pre-registration as there are limited seats — given on a first come, first serve basis.

Enjoy and Share!  :)

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