SAVVY SHOPPER TIP: A New Way to Get an Online Bargain

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Here’s a savvy online shopping tip worth passing along (finally, it pays to be indecisive!)…


You know the “Everything is negotiable” saying? That’s often true, but with online shopping, trying to bargain over price is a bit more difficult.  For shoppers, there is a new way to try to “haggle” to get a better online deal ~ abandon your shopping cart. We have found that it pays to wait, as many online retailers will email discounts to those who fill up a shopping basket, but don’t complete their purchase.

The Chicago Tribune Reports:  “Every few seconds, thousands of online shoppers do something they would probably never do in real life — they walk away from their shopping carts.  …Retailers are trying to combat such massive lost opportunity with emails, reminding customers that they left merchandise unpurchased… Some offer discount codes to lure shoppers back to their carts, and therein lies an opportunity for wafflers.”

Do note that in order for the shopping cart abandonment discount strategy to work, you have to get far enough into the checkout process to enter your email address and create a customer account.

Not every online retailer will offer this type of discount (we’ve tried Amazon, but to not avail), but it’s worth a try if you want to get the best deal and aren’t in a hurry.  Those who we know are regularly using this tactic include Land’s End, Best Buy, Home Depot, Zappos,, Overstock,, Crocs, and ProFlowers

Even Avis Car Rental has taken part in this “negotiation” tactic.  When members of their preferred program set up a reservation with them and do everything except finalize it, they’ll get a coupon for a free upgrade less than 8 hours later.

In the end,  abandoning your shopping online shopping cart is one of many ways to save on an online purchase.  As always, we continue to recommend that you shop around and compare and search out the best discount strategies to get the best deals.


Have you had an experience with an online retailer that has sweetened the deal after you abandoned your cart?  
Tell us in a comment below and share with your fellow readers.
We’d all love to hear about your experience!


Enjoy and Share!    :)


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One response to “SAVVY SHOPPER TIP: A New Way to Get an Online Bargain

  1. I recently had Amazon send me an email reminding me about the items left in my shopping cart, but it did not include a discount offer.

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