REVIEW: Tom Thumb Just 4 U ~ New Personalized Savings Program

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Tom Thumb Just 4 U Savings

Tom Thumb recently rolled out their new Just 4 U customized coupon savings program to the Fort Worth & Dallas area. We had such a great time at their press launch  and blogger event and wanted to make sure you had the inside scoop about this nifty new way to save on your groceries.

:: To get started, you’ll want to be sure and register your Tom Thumb Club Card at their website ( if you haven’t already). If you have an iPhone or Android based phone, you’ll also find mobile convenience with the Just 4 U  savings program if you download the Tom Thumb coupon & shopping app to your phone or computer tablet (iPhone/iPad app here or Android app here).

Tom Thumb Just 4 U Savings components

There are 3 main components to the Just 4 U program (all are accessible through both the website and the mobile app):

:: Coupon Center
At the Coupon Center you’ll find digital manufacturer and store coupons available to everyone (see a sample image below). If you are a Sunday coupon clipper, you’ll love this section, as you will likely find some of the same ad coupons you would find in the newspaper inserts (without having to pull out the scissors ~ yay!).  To access the savings in the Coupon Center, you simply peruse the coupons, “Add” the ones you will use, and voilà ~ they are loaded to your Tom Thumb Club Card and ready to use until they expire.

:: Personalized Deals
The Personalized Deals section provides great offers that are customized to you, based on your Tom Thumb Club Card purchase history.  I love this.  They are relevant and unique to you, so you don’t have to sort through a bunch of coupon offers you would never use. That means if you shop for diapers, you might see special offers for other baby items in this section. Or if you buy dog food, you may see special deals for dog related products (but won’t ever see cat related items since dear husband is allergic to cats, and you have never purchased anything for a cat.  Never.).  

:: Your Club Specials
In the Your Club Specials area, you’ll find weekly specials for your local store, also personalized just for you.  These are mainly items that are in the local ad, along with some unadvertised store specials, but the list you will see is customized based on your recent purchase history (also linked to your club card).  Again, you’ll likely only see things you might be interested in buying.  For example…

Below is a picture of our grocery purchases from our recent trip to Tom Thumb  <yes indeed ~ more evidence that we do like our Starbucks at our house>. :) 

…and, here’s what my customized “Your Club Specials”  list looks like today.  Notice any trends? 

You can see from the customized Your Club Specials list, Tom Thumb has figured out we like our Starbucks and wants to let me know that items we’ve previously purchased are currently on sale in my store ~ so convenient!

:: Insider Tips and Final Thoughts

1.) If you are already a paper coupon clipper, you can combine them with your Just 4 U digital coupons to maximize your Tom Thumb savings.  Do note, that If you have 2 of the same coupons (i.e. 1 digital Just 4 U coupon and 1 paper coupon), you will only be able to use one of the coupons, as they will not “stack” ~ plan accordingly.

2.)  We found that we could surf and select the deals and coupons on our computer at home and load them into a customizable shopping list that would be ready to use when we arrived at the store. I love being able shop on a whim with the phone app and receive coupon savings without having to tote or remember a stack of coupons ~ really suits my “on the go” lifestyle.

3.)  Be sure and check the Personalized Deals section often.  Sometimes you might find a surprise “FREE” offer!

All in all, we really like Tom Thumb’s use of technology and the Just 4 U app as an easy way to get coupons and maximize weekly savings without clipping coupons.   We hope you take a moment to check it out, too!

Enjoy and Share!    :)

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Disclosure:  At the end of this  event, I received a thank you tote with food items and gift cards to facilitate my review, as was appropriate and appreciated.  All opinions stated in this post are entirely my own (as always). 

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