Beeeeeep ~ We interrupt our normal programming…

Every once in a while, we  take a few days to have an electronics sabbatical and blog-cation to get refreshed and rejuvenated.  Wow ~ do we need it now!  We will be taking that break in the coming days and will be back in full gear with more from  Frugal in Fort Worth in about a week. 

In the mean time…

We are going to repost some of our top posts from the last year.  We realize some of you may have joined our blog since these were posted, and others might have missed one or 2 of these posts (we know you can’t possibly read everything that comes your way, so maybe you’ll discover something you’ve missed!).

We look forward to catching up and bringing you more budget tips and deals when we get back.  Have a wonderful week!  :)

Would love to hear from you ~ leave your comments here.

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