Worth Noting: FTC Charges Telemarketers with Illegal Robocalling

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I was just talking with a friend about the abundance of fake/scam phone calls that have filled their voice mailbox in recent weeks. If this is happening to you as well, you might take comfort in knowing that today, the Federal Trade Commission announced it is filing legal action against several telemarketers.

These firms have made pre-recorded sales pitches to phone numbers registered on the U.S. National Do Not Call list and disguising the Caller ID of these “robocalls” with inaccurate names.

The FTC alleges that automated sales calls pitching credit card debt reduction programs, extended car warranties, and home security systems violated the U.S.’s Telemarketing Sales Rule by disguising the Caller ID of such automated sales pitches with inaccurate names such as “card services” or “private office.”

Making such automated, pre-recorded sales calls to consumers without their written consent violates FTC rules.  Hopefully the FTC actions will help end or at least cut down on the number of these calls.

Go here to read the original announcement from the FTC .

Register for the National Do Not Call List here.

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