IN-N-OUT Burger Opens in Fort Worth Today ~ Learn The Super Secret Menu Lingo

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The much anticipated In-N-Out Burgers opened its doors for the first time in Fort Worth today (August 11).  This incredibly popular California burger chain is expected to have such a serious impact on traffic, that the city of Fort Worth has even created special street plans for today’s grand opening hoopla (go here for details). For those who are already In-N-Out fans, I know you are excited about this day.  And, for those who are new to In-N-Out, we give you the inside scoop on how to order a burger that you will love.

Newbies Guide To the Not-So-Secret, Secret Menu.

If you order your burgers off the regular In-N-Out menu they will come standard with a thousand island dressing type spread,  a slice of tomato,  lettuce, and sliced onions (chopped and grilled onions are available by request). The amount is consistent unless you ask for it to be customized.  This is where the fun begins.

You may have heard that In-N-Out has a super secret custom menu that only those “in the know” can order from.  So that you can start ordering like a pro, we are providing a list of the custom options that you might not otherwise know about:

  • Animal style is the most well-known In-N-Out “secret” style. In addition to the standard toppings, this style includes grilled mustard, pickles, extra spread, and extra grilled onions stacked on each meat patty.
  • Protein style replaces the hamburger bun with large leaves of lettuce ~ perfect for gluten-free and low-carb eaters.
  • 3×3, 4×4, or generally M × C  is a burger with a varied number of meat patties (first number, M) and slices of cheese (second number, C). For example,  to order 2 meat patties and 2 slices of cheese would be a “Two-by-two” ~ a burger with 4 meat patties and 1 slice of cheese would be a “four-by-one” ~ triple meat, no cheese would be a 3X0, and so on.
  • The Flying Dutchman plain burger concoction includes two meat patties, two slices of cheese, and a bun.  Condiments such as lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions are not included unless you request them.
  • The Grilled Cheese includes two slices of cheese, no meat, spread, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions if you would like.
  • Wish Burger or Veggie Burger:  This sandwich has only vegetables (no meat or cheese).

Secret Burger Add-Ons & Subtractions:

  • Mustard Grilled patty ~ The burger is  spread with mustard, then cooked. This option includes pickles, unless you tell them otherwise.
  • Chopped Chilis
  • Jalapenos
  • Mustard and/or ketchup
  • No-salt option allows you to request that no salt is added to the burger patties.
  • Extra toasted bun/lightly toasted bun/untoasted bun. In-N-Out’s hamburger buns normally come toasted unless you ask to have this changed to one of these options.
  • Extra tomatoes, extra lettuce, or extra onion can be added for any burger at no extra charge.
  • Onions are available in any combination of raw or grilled, chopped or sliced.  A whole grilled  onion slice  guarantees a good dose of grilled onion in every bite and is a favorite by many.

Secret ways to customize your In-N-Out french fries:

  • Fries Well-Done are extra crispy fries.
  • Fries Light-Well are more done than regular fries, but not as crispy & greasy as the well-done fries.
  • Fries Animal Style are served with two slices of melted cheese, grilled onions, and spread as toppings
  • Cheese Fries include slices of melted cheese on top.
  • Fries no-salt are regular fries with the salt cut out.
  • Order a free side of tomato spread for fry dipping. This is the same spread used on the burger.

Secret ways to order In-N-Out drinks:

  • Root beer floats are made with half vanilla shake and half root beer soda. You can choose whether you want more shake or more or soda.
  • Neapolitan shakes mix together chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavored shakes. You can also combine strawberry, chocolate, and/or vanilla in any other way to make your own custom flavor (such as chocolate strawberry).
  • Extra chocolate or strawberry syrup can be added to any shake.
  • Large and extra-large shake sizes are available. The shake cup sizes are one size below the soft drink size (i.e. an extra-large shake is a large soft drink size cup).

Details, details
What:  Learn more about In-N-Out Burgers hereGo here to see
the official In-N-Out secret menu (you won’t find a link to it anywhere
on their site).
When:  In-N-Out Burgers opens August 11, 2011
Where:  2900 W. 7th Street in Fort Worth.  View the city’s traffic plan for the grand opening, here.  Find other locations here.

Thanks to DavisWiki for providing the comprehensive super-secret (now not so secret) In-N-Out menu list.

 Enjoy and Share!    :)

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