Community Spotlight: Kids Who Care Musical Theater PLUS A FREE Family Event on Friday!

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Introducing the new “Community Spotlight” column      

 If you have been a reader of Frugal in Fort Worth for any length of time, you know that I *love* our city and the amazing variety of activities it offers. Few major cities are privileged to have such an abundance of major cultural institutions & world-class art museums, a rich heritage, AND a vibrant community life!

 In the spirit of giving a “hug” back to our community for all it does, we are starting a new “Community Spotlight” column to honor some of the great non-profit organizations who serve Ft.Worth. We will sprinkle this column into our blog occasionally so you can get to know some of the great folks who help make our city the place that it is today. 

 Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment (here) to let these organizations know how much you appreciate them!


For our inaugural Community Spotlight, we have asked Andrea Ballard of Kids Who Care to be a guest blogger and tell us about their community outreach and musical theater for kids.  Andrea is a former Kids Who Care participant and is now the marketing director for the organization. Be sure and note her invitation to a FREE 2-hour CAMPAPALOOZA  fun camp for kids tomorrow evening (details at the bottom).


FIFW:  Tell us about Kids Who Care and how it is making a difference in the Fort Worth Community.  
Andrea:  Founded in 1989, Kids Who Care is a non-profit international theatre company based in Fort Worth that seeks to produce confident and creative kids ( aged 4 to university), through leadership, musical theatre education and performance. 

Kids Who Care offers professional musical theatre classes, leadership training, summer musical theatre camps, international cultural exchanges, a touring Resident Company, public performances and more. The core values of the organization include: excellence in artistic development, artistic integrity of kids, leadership roles for kids, financial and cultural diversity and ensemble production.


FIFW:  Does your community outreach extend beyond FW? 
Andrea:  The Kids Who Care Resident Company has performed Off-Broadway at the Lamb’s Theatre, at both Disney’s, at The Kennedy Center, at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, at 30,000 feet aboard an airplane for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and at many other locations across the U.S. and overseas.

FIFW: Andrea, how did you get involved with Kids Who Care?
Andrea:  I found Kids Who Care Musical Theatre in 1998 when I auditioned for the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. At 14 years old, I could have never imagined the impact that this organization would have on my life. Over the next 7 years, I gradually became involved with every aspect of Kids Who Care. Professionalism in the work place, effective communication, public speaking and goal setting were just a few of the lessons that I learned during my time at Kids Who Care.

Now, I have returned to Kids Who Care as the Marketing and Public Relations Director. I am so excited to be back with this organization that had such a profound influence on my life. Kids Who Care produces great kids and I am so proud to be one of them.


FIFW: How can Frugal in Fort Worth readers get involved with Kids Who Care?
Join us this Friday (April 8th) for our CAMPAPALOOZA, a FREE preview of this summer’s Musical Theatre Camps.  Anyone who attends will receive a discount if you register for camp that night. 

Here are the details: 


Go here to learn more about Kids Who Care.

Enjoy and Share! :)


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3 responses to “Community Spotlight: Kids Who Care Musical Theater PLUS A FREE Family Event on Friday!

  1. We went to one of the Kids Who Cares performances last year, and it was top notch. Thanks for starting this community column. I don’t think enough of the good things that are happening in Fort Worth make the news, so this is great! I’ll look forward to hearing about other orgs around town, too!

  2. Simply killing some in between class time on Digg and I found your article. Great post! I’d like to see this group sometime in person.

  3. Kristen Bartlett

    I sure love that you featured this organization. Thank you! :) A special thanks to the kids and their parents for the time they give to making a difference in Fort Worth. What a great example these kids are to other kids!

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